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Banner Blessings

About a year-and-a-half ago, Stampin' Up! announced a new contest inviting all stampers, demonstrators and non-demonstrators, to put on their creative caps and submit a design for a monster-themed set. You all might remember my sweet friend, Doris, and her winning Monster Maniacs set? :-) I loved the set and didn't mind being the runner-up to her creation. So when Shelli announced at convention that year that there would be another contest, I knew I wanted to try again! 

As my mother and I drove back to Vegas from our first convention, we brainstormed all sorts of sayings and phrases that we thought would make a great stamp set. When I went back to work, I couldn't help but doodle here and there. I would draw something, take a picture, and send it to my mom and she'd say yes or no. (She was my upline at the time so I figured she knew what would work. After all, mother knows best!)

One night I was rocking our middle son to sleep and saw the Bible verse I had painted on a canvas to match his spaceship-themed room. "Shine like stars in the universe"--one of my favorite verses of scripture. That's when I decided I wanted to do a scripture set. I sat down and thought of a few that I felt would not only look great on a card but would reach someone who needed to be lifted up.

I was in the Air Force for nine years. All nine years were spent far from family, and even a few months were in the Middle East--away from my husband and our 7-month-old son. Nothing helped more than the scripture verses my mom or dad or my church family would write on my cards. In fact, I still have a scrap of paper with a verse that my dad sent me while I was in basic training. 

There's something special about making a card for someone and I wanted these Banner Blessings to make it even more special! Thank you, Stampin’ Up!, for the opportunity, and thanks to everyone for their support! I hope you enjoy the set as much as I have already! :-)

Holly Stene 

**Please note the opportunity to design stamp sets is no longer available.
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  • Barbara T

    Aug 17

    Lv the cards and the stamp set. Thank you and your family for your Service in the military.

  • Britiney

    Aug 17

    This is such a wonderful set. Congratulations!!

  • Donna

    Aug 17

    Awesome cards. Thanks

  • deb naylor

    Aug 17

    wow...awesome stamp set! awesome projects!


    Aug 17

    I love the positive scripture verses that are in this stamp collection it is on my wish list for Tuesday. I have a grandson in the Air Force stationed in Germany. He misses all our holidays because of his enlistment date. He could come home on his birthday in July if he wants to and he did this year. I look forward to being able to send Thanks and Shine like Stars on cards for him. A beautiful gift for all of us from you. Thank you.

  • K'LaRae Nolin

    Aug 17

    Just added them to my "wish list"

  • Judy E.

    Aug 17

    This stamp set is beautiful and so is your story!

  • Carol Caforio

    Aug 17

    Your story was touching and the Stamp Set is wonderfully encouraging, especially with the scriptures! Thank You.

  • Gayle Gibbons

    Aug 17

    Awesome. Congrats

  • Carolyn Sue Groves

    Aug 17

    What joyful choices of scriptures to include in this set. I consider the set a "must have"!

  • Brittany Stickler

    Aug 17

    This is a beautiful stamp set! Thank you for sharing your talents!

  • Brenda

    Aug 17

    I LOVE your stamp set and want to say thank you for keeping on - your persistence is our gain!

  • Mindy Singo

    Aug 17

    Like have told you before Amazing girl with Amazing Talent! Beautiful cards and stamp set! We need more like this!

  • Katrina

    Aug 17

    thoughtfully done!

  • Debi Paisie

    Aug 17

    I am in love with these stamps, and a great big congrats on your winning.

  • Myrthe

    Aug 17

    There are some really beauty's !!!

  • Ellie

    Aug 17

    Beautiful cards! I still have a grandson in the Navy. What an inspiration!

  • Diane Lethbridge

    Aug 17

    This is a wonderful stamp set -- an opportunity to share and support!

  • Linda Stene

    Aug 17

    Love the cards and especially the stamo set. Great job!!!

  • Ruthie Allen-Hamilton

    Aug 17

    Beautiful cards.... I am ordering this set ASAP!!! I love to have scripture stamps at my fingertips! Thank you!

  • Michele Zygmunt

    Aug 17

    Love, love this set!! Great samples too.

  • Cathie Lester

    Aug 17

    This is amazing! As a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator this is the highlight of my career since 2006!!! As a demonstrator and mom, I have the AWESOME PRIVILEGE of selling MY DAUGHTER'S stamp set! I don't think this has happened before. I'm so proud of her❤️

  • Nancy

    Aug 17

    Really nice cards!!

  • Linda Harris

    Aug 17

    LOVE, LOVE, love this stamp set!!!! Your cards are beautiful too! :-)

  • Connie Weaver

    Aug 17

    Amazing!!!!! Thanks so much for designing a set with scripture!!!