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Wrapping Ideas on Wednesdays!

I have been looking for the perfect gift-wrapping ideas for the gifts I am giving to all my friends. I just discovered Stampin’Up! is going to have Wrapping Wednesdays on the blog for the next few weeks to assist us in holiday preparations. Each Wednesday I can find different ways to wrap presents. I love it!

One of my friends has a son named Michael and his gift has stumped me. Michael celebrates Hanukkah and I wanted to give him some Hanukkah gelt. I found the perfect box for his gift in this year’s holiday catalog!

It has been fun for me to learn about Michael’s Hanukkah traditions. I learned that a traditional gift to give Jewish children is Hanukkah gelt for them to play the dreidel game with. I thought this would be a great gift because not only will he be able to eat the chocolate, he will also get some entertainment out of it. The triangular box is a great way to disguise the gift so Michael will not know what it is, and of course it is beautiful! Who would not be happy to get chocolate, right? Well, maybe me because I don’t like to eat chocolate but I love to give it and make people smile!

Sandra M
Hispanic Market Manger


  • Cynthia

    Feb 07

    What is the embossing folder used on this box and where do I get the pattern for the box? This is beautiful