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St. Lucia Day Crafts for Kids

Many years ago I visited a dear friend from Sweden right before the St. Lucia Day holiday. Being the kind people they were, she and her sisters decided that they would like to transform me into Lucia that year so that I could experience this wonderful Nordic tradition. On a freezing morning before dawn, they dressed me in beautiful, white St. Lucia robes, crowned me with candles, and gave me a tray of lussekatter or saffron buns to bring to their mother. It was such a special experience!

Many years later, my daughter was also asked to be Lucia—but this time she led a St. Lucia procession and sang the beautiful songs associated with the feast of St. Lucia. So . . . this has somehow become a family tradition!

My fascination with this beautiful holiday has remained with me throughout the years—and since December 13 is almost here—I decided that it would be fun to try and make St. Lucia Day crafts using Stampin’ Up! products!

Do any of you have family traditions associated with St. Lucia Day? Please tell us about them in the comments section below!

God Jul!

Cindy B.
Sr. Staff Writer

Hat tip to for the idea to make simple St. Lucia Day buns using canned cinnamon roll dough!