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Sweetheart Boats

I saw a beautiful photo of little toy sailboats for sale on a river bank in a foreign country while browsing Pinterest. I pinned it because I thought someday I would need or want to make little toy boats and thought I could use this picture as a jumping-off point.  And now I have! This picture inspired me to  make little Valentine sailboats for my daughter’s preschool friends. 

There will be no store-bought Valentines in my girl’s backpacks come February 14! But with that said—I can’t get carried away! I always need to find quick and easy ways to make spectacular things. That is why a kit can be so helpful! I adore the little Sweetheart Treat Bag kit and wanted to use it for my little boats.

First, I needed an oval shape—and not a rounded oval, but a pointy oval! So, to MDS I went in search of the perfect pattern for the bottom of my boats. I found it with the Keepsake Ornament Punches. I simply merged the shape into my e-cutter software and got busy (or made the machine get busy!) cutting out Coaster Board bottoms.



Once these were done, I decided to double them up for durability. These are preschoolers, after all. And we want these cute little gems to make it home for the other moms to see, too! Am I right, ladies?

After I doubled up the Coaster Board, I scored a short lip on Real Red Cardstock and began wrapping it around the base of my boat. You’ve got to use Sticky Strip here or your little boats will come popping apart!

Once that was done, I cut up my little Sweetheart Treat Bags and attached them onto the boat sides. Now, my edges weren’t perfect, so what’s a girl to do? Ah, a punched border, of course! I used the Dotted Scallop Ribbon Punch to create a lovely border around my not-so-lovely edge.

I pulled out my new Hello, Sailor Stamp Set and figured out which images would look best with my little pennants (already included in my kit). Wow, so easy! Once I got them stamped and punched, I attached them to my flags and adhered them to a few coffee stirrers.

To get my “sail” to stand up straight, I took my scissors and punched a hole in the bottom of the Coaster Board. I put a little drop of Crystal Effects in the hole, then inserted the stick in what I like to call “The World’s Strongest Glue”!  Crystal Effects will truly hold anything you need!

I added a few bows, again from Baker’s Twine included in the Sweetheart Treat Bags kit. A Candy Dot here, a punched heart there, and we have ourselves a fleet of totally adorable little boats! Add candy and you are now the preschool’s coolest mom!

 I adore these little Sweetheart Treat Bags as they are, but I couldn’t leave well enough alone! And I love to take a product that has a specific use and find another way to use it. It makes me feel frugal and smart!

Plus, that yummy heart polka dot pattern needed to be used for more! And I think letting those little polka dots set sail into preschool was just the right choice.

Think outside the box and turn these already awesome kits into something magical!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Erica Cerwin
2013–2014 Artisan Design Team


  • Jane Lee

    Oct 17

    so cute!!! what a great idea!

  • Monika Davis

    Oct 17

    I love the little sail boats! I might just need to make these for my niece and nephew since they are learning how to sail (well my nephew is - my niece will as soon as she is old enough - I think they are starting them at 6 years old these days!) I started at 10. Thanks for sharing all the details and my little sweetheart bags are sitting right next to me. Now to figure out the e-cutter.

  • Connie Collins

    Oct 17

    Erica, these are adorable!

  • shirley erickson

    Oct 17

    Fanrastic, very pretty.