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An Undefined Birthday Party

Earlier this month I was very excited to receive an e-mail from my sister-in-law, Liz; she asked if I would be willing to help her throw a birthday party for her daughter, Olivia, who was turning 12. An opportunity to share what I love? I didn’t even have to think about my response. Of course I was “in!”

Olivia had a couple of requests for what she’d like to do at her party with her four besties. I introduced her to the Undefined Stamp Carving Kit last summer at a family get-together. Being a girl after my own crafty heart, she was addicted right away. So, naturally—carving was on top of her list. (Have I mentioned how smart she is?) She also wanted to decorate the cover of a notebook.

When I showed up on the day of the party I was just floored by the work Olivia had already put into decorating. She wanted a winter theme so she’d gone with shades of blue and white. (If you speak “Stampin’ Up!,” she used Bermuda Bay and Coastal Cabana). She also cut out all of the snowflakes that hung above the table—and they coordinated so well with the giant poms.

She’d also taken the time to personalize a place card for each of her guests and an adorable little party favor. I love her decorative handwriting!

We started the party with a little bit of lunch and then the crafting frenzy began. We decided to make the notebook first so they could have plenty of time to do their carving. I raided my stash of retired products to decorate the cover of the notebooks.

The girls were all so talented. They were able to look at the notebook and quickly understand what their next step and layer needed to be. Their books turned out beautifully.

I’ve demonstrated the Undefined Kit to many, many customers and demonstrators at Stampin’ Up! events. A blank piece of rubber is usually met with a bit of hesitation as the new carver contemplates what they should carve and if they will be successful. These girls didn’t hesitate at all. After I gave them a brief carving demonstration, they jumped right in.

As they carved their first stamp they shared ideas about what they wanted their next stamp to be. One of Olivia’s friends managed to carve three of her four stamps before her mom came to pick her up.

Here’s a picture of some of their creations:

We paused for a few minutes in the middle of the carving session for birthday cupcakes , whoopie pies, and for opening the presents the guests had brought. It was hard to get them to put their tools down.

I was glad to have an Everyday Occasions Cardmaking Kit on hand and wrapped it up to give to Olivia.

The plastic wrap didn’t stay on long. She was pretty excited to see what was inside that adorable box. (Judging by how quickly Olivia went through the rubber in her carving kit, she’s probably already assembled all 20 cards!)


It has become a Hyde family tradition for the nieces/granddaughters to receive a personalized book from Grandma Carma when they turn 12. I’ve been using MDS to make the books.

What makes the book special is the note inside from each of the aunts and grandmothers written for the birthday girl. It also contains several photos of her and family members or friends.

The party was so much fun. It was great to spend time with such talented young ladies and listen to their chatter and their laughter as we created beautiful projects. I’m hoping Olivia will ask me back again next year!

Melody H.
Concept Artist


  • Teresa V.

    Oct 19

    Wow, what a great party! It's such a good idea! I might try this with my grandaughters birthday. What beautiful young ladies! They sure did make nice books.

  • Michele Zygmunt

    Oct 19

    What a great idea for a party! Thanks for sharing.