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Your Very Own Backstage Pass

My favorite part about DVD/Blu-rays are the “extras”—additional, deleted, and behind-the-scenes footage that you can only see if you either rent or buy the DVD. Sometimes I watch those parts before I even watch the movie!

The first time I went backstage at a Stampin’ Up! convention, I felt as if I’d entered my very own live-action, “behind the scenes” documentary. Everywhere were lights, monitors, and people wearing black scurrying around and wearing headsets. I had to consciously make an effort to not stop for too long and gawk.

It. Was. Magical.

Over the next several months, we’re going to give you an inside look behind the Production Crew Only signs.  Your very own “backstage pass,” if you will.  We’ll introduce you to the “gang in black” and give you an insider’s view of all of the crazy that happens before you see it at convention.

Perhaps you’ve wondered how we come up with the convention bags, or how much stuff we bring to convention, or where we keep all of the scissors, ink pads, and Big Shots used during Make & Takes.  Maybe you wonder who designs the sets or just who decides what appears on the screens. We’ll show you.  And maybe we’ll even include some stuff that you had no idea was happening.

Check back each week; we’ll have something new!  Ask us questions; we’ll see what we can do to answer them. Join us . . . for a sneak peek behind the scenes!

(Magical I tell you! Magical!)



  • Gail W Schwarzgruber

    Oct 19

    As a 'soon to be' SU! Demonstrator, I would love to see what it take to make it ALL happen!

  • Angie G

    Oct 19

    @Diana Gibbs- NEARLY as fun... it's hard to beat a dream come true though - Tour Guide! WOOT! :)