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Wedding Bells . . . Continued

Some months ago I mentioned that my daughter was getting married. She is the first of my children to tie the knot, so I was quite ignorant regarding the happy madness a family goes through to prepare for a wedding reception.  And I have come to the conclusion that it takes a village to marry a daughter. The whole endeavor was both incredibly wonderful and quite exhausting—like running a marathon, up hills and down! I won’t even talk about the wedding dress purchased online—except to say—it began in tears and ended in joy . . . thanks to the expert sewing skills of a very kind neighbor!

Three weeks have passed since the big day, and I think things are starting to get back to normal. Maybe.  My youngest son opened a drawer recently and was enveloped in a cloud of glitter. “I thought we stamped out the glitter plague!” he exclaimed. We’re almost certain to be running across pockets of Gold Stampin’ Glitter for some time! (And I think it’s delightful!)

SO many people helped us, and we are deeply grateful to them. Here’s a picture of the bride and groom leaving the Logan Temple.

Wedding Bells1 

Here is Gloria with her beautiful bridesmaids.

Wedding Bells2

Have a peek at some of the hundreds of invitations we made with much help from the groom’s family and friends. (Click here for a list of supplies!) 

Wedding Bells3

Check out the thank you notes I just finished using the fabulous Another Thank You Stamp Set

Wedding Bells4

Wedding Bells5

Do you have any images of wonderful wedding projects you’ve made using Stampin’ Up! products—or fun wedding stories to tell? Please share in the space below!

Cindy B.
Sr. Staff Writer



  • Roxanne Camus

    Oct 22

    Love your story! I am in the thick of things right now- my daughter is getting married September 19th. We don't have glitter, but we have plenty of twine and lace and burlap!

  • Cindy Bowden

    Oct 22

    Thanks, everyone, for your comments! And Gloria--your wedding day was indeed perfect. It was one of those shining moments in life when everything went just as it should have. WOW! *hugs*

  • Gloria

    Oct 22

    Those Thank You cards look FABULOUS mom! I love them! Thank YOU for making them. (and for all the other craziness you took care of to make that day special). I can honestly say I felt like my wedding day was perfect.

  • Mary Ellen (M.E.) Stites

    Oct 22

    I just had to comment on this one Cindy! I know EXACTLY how you felt this summer. My first Daughter got married in June and my emotions sounded exactly like yours. It takes a Village to marry off a daughter. Because Mama is crafty and Daddy is a butcher we did almost EVERY thing ourselves. It was so beautiful but oh so exhausting! Luckily my next daughter is 15 so I have a few years to re-cooperate! The two boys won't be as hard...right?! :) Enjoy your memories. ~M.E.