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Quilts for The Road Home

Throughout November and December, Stampin’ Up! employees helped tie 50 blankets for The Road Home, a shelter in Salt Lake City, Utah. 


When the quilts were delivered to The Road Home, the staff members were ecstatic. “These are so beautiful,” remarked one. “You don’t know how much our clients are going to love these.”

Employees worked on quilts during their breaks and lunches. Teams held their weekly meetings around the quilting frames so that everyone could be tying during their discussions. Several people even tied quilts at home. All these efforts resulted in gifts that will be appreciated year round! 


  • Betty

    Oct 20

    What a wonderful generous gift. So Proud of Stampin' Up for supporting their employees in this endeavor to participate in this act of kindness. You all are AWESOME!

  • Linda

    Oct 20

    How beautiful ... a true gift from the heart.

  • Robin S.

    Oct 20

    I have made some quilts over the years, but there is one thing I haven't figured out, How do you tie quilts without a frame? Thanks for being so kind in your community!