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Better Than E-Mail

Have you ever wished for more Angel Policy* stamp options? Have you given us feedback saying that our Angel Policy stamp options are too limited?

Well, we listened and are excited to announce Stampin’ Up!’s January photopolymer stamp set,  Better Than E-Mail—our newest Angel Policy stamp set! (What’s better than e-mail? How about a handstamped card, personalized tag, or handcrafted home décor gift?)

Once a month, Stampin’ Up! employees dedicate an entire day to being creative and innovative. In August 2014, Demonstrator Support discussed feedback and suggestions received over the past year regarding the need for more Angel Policy stamps. To meet this need, we challenged department members to come up with ideas that would be versatile and fun for demonstrators and customers.


Although this set was designed with the Angel Policy in mind, it can also be used in a variety of other ways. The images are so versatile! Check out the samples below to get your innovative juices flowing.


The samples above show these images on tags, cards, and envelopes. You can also see the images used with or without the Stampin’ Up! copyright.

What do you think about this new set? How do you plan to use it? We can’t wait to see what creative ideas you come up with!

* Stampin’ Up!’s images are copyrighted, which means that they cannot be copied without permission. To help protect that copyright, all items for sale using our images must be marked with an official Stampin’ Up! Limited License stamp set. Click here for more information about Stampin’ Up!’s Angel Policy.


  • Sandy Hebert

    Oct 23

    I have been looking at a stamp set I

  • Michelle

    Oct 23

    I would like to comply, but I don't want to purchase the whole set. I would like to purchase a single stamp. Thanks.

  • Gwen Burns

    Oct 23

    The Angel Policy states "All of Stampin' Up!'s images are copyrighted, which means that they may not be copied without permission. To help protect the rights granted by these copyrights, all items for sale using Stampin' Up! images must be marked with one of the images from the official Stampin' Up! Limited License stamp sets shown in the catalog, or the digital copyright image included in the My Digital Studio program, or available online." Where can I find the copyright image "available online" for use in my personal creations?

  • Petra de Weerd

    Oct 23

    I love it the stamp I will use on envelopes,labels,pocket letters,write letters

  • Marie

    Oct 23

    Can these stamps be used in addition with my name

  • Danette

    Oct 23

    It seems it might be a good idea for Stampin' Up to give a small (c)Stampin'Up photopolymer stamp with the first stamp order they fulfill, including a copy of the Angel Policy. It doesn't have to have a cute image, just the copyright.

  • regina

    Oct 23

    I enter the item number and it comes up not found.

  • Europe NEEDS this set too!

    Oct 23

    We need this set!! So so much, you can't even imagine!

  • MArianne Petralia

    Oct 23

    How do you purchase and do you have to purchase the entire set?

  • Shari

    Oct 23

    I also wish we could buy just the stamp we want instead of having to buy the entire set.

  • Elaine B., VA

    Oct 23

    Can't wait to get this set. My old ones are so worn out! I'll definitely use the yarn w/needles on the product care cards I include with all my hand knit gifts. Thanks!

  • Bonnie

    Oct 23

    I had not seen these yet. Very cute.

  • Rene'

    Oct 23

    How to order? I don't see and item number anywhere. :D

  • Jen C.

    Oct 23

    @Rene - Here is the item #: 140463

  • Kate Sicard

    Oct 23

    Why do we have to buy a whole stamp set? Why can't we buy just one stamp for our need?