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All-Occasions Chalkboard Banner

Who has all the time in the world to craft whenever they want?! (Anyone raising their hand?! Anyone?!) I know I certainly don't! As a mom to three young children, my time is very limited.  But creating is important to me, so I make it happen. And when I do create, I make it count. 

I LOVE using Stampin' Up! kits. They make things fun, easy, and quick. AND I get to create something beautiful! What’s not to love?

For my latest kit creation, I used the Stampin' Up! Chalkboard Banner Kit (item # 133795). I LOVE banners. They make my heart happy. I love hanging them from my mantel, and I have been trying to make one for each occasion. Remember those three kids I mentioned earlier?  Yeah . . . well I don't always get my banners made. So I sat down with the Chalkboard Banner Kit one day to figure out a way to make that kit work for me all year long. And VOILÀ! My All-Occasions Chalkboard Banner was created! 


I chose the word "family" for this banner because that is definitely a word that goes with any occasion. Then I added interchangeable banners on each end of the word with a clothespin. 


So now I can EASILY change my banner for any occasion! No re-stringing the banner and no making a new banner. Just unclip the last occasion and clip on the new occasion. Easy, peasy.


The Chalkboard Banner Kit truly is AMAZING! It comes with SO MUCH product and the colors in the kit are so bright and cheery. And here’s the best part: the kit can be used for all occasions.  This specific banner was designed using just half the kit! All I added was a bit of coordinating cardstock (in the kit colors), some ribbons, and the clothespins.

I hope you love this project! I’m hosting a night at my house with some friends and we’re all going to make it. You should make one, too! Everyone needs one of these in their home! 


Look how happy and special my sweet daughter felt on her birthday to have the birthday banner up! 


Ashley V.

Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator


  • Faylee Turner

    Oct 18

    Hello. Just a quick comment to say that I've been stamping for a very long time & this is by far my very favorite post/project! Thanks so much for sharing! Big hug!

  • Ashley Van Camp

    Oct 18

    Well THANK YOU, everyone, for your sweet comments! :) (And I agree...I kinda think my daughter is my cutest creation in this photo. ;-) ) OF COURSE you can CASE...have fun making one! I know I love seeing mine every day. :-)

  • Lisa Hickerson

    Oct 18

    Great idea! Thank you for sharing!!

  • Marge

    Oct 18

    sweet! Great idea.

  • Linda Creech

    Oct 18

    Banner is great for all occasions and your daughter is adorable

  • Jane Roach

    Oct 18

    Love the ideas. I can't wait to do something with mine. FUN FUN FUN

  • Carolyn

    Oct 18

    Love your idea of making the interchangeable cards for each end of the banner! Mind if I CASE that idea? :)

  • Erika salvo

    Oct 18

    I can't wait to receive my banner kit! This is so exciting! Thanks for all the ideas 😊 happy stamping

  • Kay

    Oct 18

    I can't wait to make mine. It looks like fun. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  • Cindy Howard

    Oct 18

    Really nice can use for many things!

  • Susan miller

    Oct 18

    What really great idea!! Thanks so much for sharing. I have never made any of the banners because they were so limited. I am definitely doing this one.

  • Daune

    Oct 18

    Awesome job Ashley! Although that adorable little girl might just outshine your project :).

  • Michele Zygmunt

    Oct 18

    Great idea, creating interchangeable banners for the ends. Love it!

  • Sherri Robinson

    Oct 18

    Sooooo soooo cute! Love!