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Gift Bag Punch Board Fun


There’s a new punch board in town: the Gift Bag Punch Board (item # 135862-coming soon)! It was designed to create gift bags, but I think you’ll love its versatility as much as I do!

With a little imagination, you’ll soon be putting together gift bags and even boxes of various sizes and shapes; you’ll create unique versions that are square-shaped or that feature flaps; you can even create pockets! The projects below only required a few sheets of Whisper White card stock (item # 100730), the Moments Like These Project Life Card Collection (Item # 138455- coming soon), and the Moments Like These Project Life Accessory Pack (item # 138454-coming soon).

Want to see the first box?



For this shape, I used the same base as I would for an “S” box (10" x 7-1/2"). I used the punch on both sides of the sheet (keeping only one tab on top) to create the flap closure. I was able to quickly decorate this project with Designer Washi Tape and a Project Life card that I selected for its sentiment and contrasting color. I suggest using a small magnet or a Velcro® fastener for a clean look that’s both refined and feminine!



Creating this box is just as simple. Make notches as shown above and don’t score the gusset lines. Use the size M punch board width, leaving off the last tab (the one usually glued to close the bag). (The last section shown at right on the picture is the tab that will be slipped in to close the box.) Since I wanted a square box, the sheet is 6-inches-wide. You’ll have to modify the template shown in the picture by cutting off the rectangle and square in the upper and lower right corners before folding the sheet from left to right.

Punch a half-circle with a 1" Circle Punch to create a notch in the front. And another Project Life card will do the trick to decorate!



The third template uses the folds from the “L “format. The pocket will then be large enough for a 3½"‑wide card to be slipped in. You only need three panels: a side, an “L” panel, and a side. No need to score the gusset lines on this project, either. My sheet measures 8", but you can play with the measurements to create tall or narrow pockets.

To decorate, I used a small square specialty tag, which suits the size of the back flap perfectly!

I hope you have a lot of fun using your Gift Bag Punch Board. This tool will certainly be one of my favorites for upcoming demonstrations and it will surely become a staple for you, as well!


2014–2015 Artisan Design Team


  • Nancy Farrell

    Oct 23

    Oh, I love this! Is it available to order yet? When I put the #135862 in the search box, there are no results. Thanks for your help.

  • Frenchie hum

    Oct 23

    Oh I love your ideas !! Tfs