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April Paper Pumpkin: Lovely Little Wreath

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Say hello to the Lovely Little Wreath! This adorable accent is the perfect addition to your springtime décor and makes a great gift for special occasions like Mother’s Day.

Usually we show three extra ideas for the kit, but this time our artist had so much fun that she came up with FIVE projects! So, what do a cactus, dinosaur, and Christmas have in common? Let’s find out.


It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas, right? It’s easy to turn the Lovely Little Wreath into a holiday décor item. Simply swap out the yellow flowers for holly berries and use a holiday stamp on the chalkboard sign.


Next, with Mother’s Day right around the corner, add some festive foliage to create a glamorous gift box for Mom. Use the chalkboard tags and Very Vanilla Craft Stampin’ Spot from the kit. 


Raise your hand if you’ve picked up on the cactus trend. They’re everywhere, right? Create some eye-catching cacti with beautiful desert blooms with the extra flowers and leaves from your kit.


The bent leaves on the branches pop right off this prehistoric card. And, might we say . . . the end result is dino-mite!


Finally, keep it simple with a smaller version of the wreath to create a stunning centerpiece for a card front.

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It’s always amazing to see what you can do with your Paper Pumpkin kit. Whether you want to change it up completely, or just use up the extra parts and pieces, the end result is always fun! If you’ve fallen in love with the Lovely Little Wreath, be sure to stock up on refills, while supplies last.

How do you like the FREE All about Everything Stamp Set that came with your April kit? Check out our YouTube channel for some project ideas and then use #allabouteverything to share your projects with us. 


  • CHSuser

    Oct 22


  • Kay Near

    Oct 22

    I got my wreath kit but I did not get 12 sheets of leaf cutouts or 4 sheets of cotton paper flowers or 1 sheet of die cut branches.I would like to finish my wreath if you would kindly send me the rest of my kit

  • Anita Falcone

    Oct 22

    I love this month's paper pumpkin. It is so easy to use to. Make cards as well as the wreath.

  • Kay Scaccia

    Oct 22

    Loved it!

  • Michel painter

    Oct 22

    Thank you for the inspirations,

  • Beatie Bucy

    Oct 22

    Thanks for the email - Paper Pumpkin card, cute!

  • Sharon Minchau

    Oct 22

    Loved it! Made my wreath and took it to a Friend who is in hospital with cancer. She loved it.

  • Vickie

    Oct 22

    Very, very disappointed!!

  • Cindy P

    Oct 22

    LOVE all things cactus. Thanks for the card idea.

  • Carol Baker

    Oct 22

    I loved everything about it. Thank you so much.

  • Susan Fillippeli

    Oct 22

    When I first saw the photos of the kit and then the kit in the box, I didn't like it. But I watched the video and was motivated to try it. I have to say that I now love it! The finished product looks much better than the photos and there is a lot of leftover material to use for other projects. As soon as I finished it I was already thinking up ways to adapt it for Christmas. And LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the All About Everything Stamp!

  • Diane

    Oct 22

    Thank you for the bonus stamps because I was so disappointed with the wreath. It is so "cheap" looking. Certainly something I never would have purchased. I also appreciate the alternative Ideas. I will be making them with my supplies. I usually love my Paper Pumpkin but not this month.

  • PJ

    Oct 22

    I have to admit with all the hype prior to the kit coming out, it was a bit of a let down when it arrived. I looked at it and decided that it was going to take some 'fixing up' for certain. So I started thinking and watched what others were doing to get my creativity flowing. I did however, know immediately that the extra stamp set was going to be well loved....and it is! I think that it just comes down to being mindful of the various levels of our subscribers abilities and how to help them think of alternatives if at first they question anything about their kit. So in the end, as always, I DO LOVE everything about April's PP. And if our customers call us and say they don't know what to do with it, then that is a perfect opportunity to have an extra workshop, brainstorm together and creative gorgeous things that are as individual as they are. Who knows, not only could it result in additional sales, but will only help to foster an enhanced relationship with our clients. I just keep in mind that everything is adaptable, and only limited by my creativity. . . . and that is infinite. Thanks so much Stampin' UP for the extra Stamp Set this month - it's perfect for this year's trends. :)

  • Jill

    Oct 22

    I wish you had a video!!!! Then the item will be more clear as to the setup.


    Oct 22


  • Donna

    Oct 22

    That is SUCH FUN alternative stuff; goodness! Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas! Superb!

  • Donna

    Oct 22

    PS: I absolutely love the bonus stamp set, it is everything, and more! Love it!

  • Gerri Daniels

    Oct 22

    I was thrilled with the Everything stamp set, I cannot wait to start playing with the ideas shown and creating my own. THANK YOU !

  • Sad PP subscriber

    Oct 22

    Agree with several posters about their disappointment with the April kit. My customers were very unhappy as well. One of them called it a 'first grade art project, at best'.... :-(

  • Gloria Morris

    Oct 22

    I love the extras in the kit and I relish the additional ideas .... thank you !

  • Lois Good

    Oct 22

    Great samples love them! Keep showing samples please.

  • Bobbi

    Oct 22

    I admit.. at first I was a little disappointed, but I knew there were a lot of possibilities. I made the little wreath, My kitchen is yellow and it really looked cute..... now, I see all the ingenious things that have been made from the stamps, and the leftovers and I am so happy. Some folks do not have the "eye" for possiblilitees and that is okay... they are many of the customers who in the end, are the ones most delighted when you can find a treasure in what you thought was trash. Lovely minds make beautiful thingsi

  • Pat Sauer

    Oct 22

    Loved the extra ideas. I need all the help I can get. Thanks.

  • ReScu

    Oct 22

    Very cute projects, but I am another who was not very thrilled with this set. I will continue to search for alternate projects as there are so many talented people who can think outside the box. Unfortunately I am not one of them. Thank goodness for the bonus stamps. It made the kit worthwhile. :)

  • Karen Milner

    Oct 22

    This was my first experience with Paper Pumpkin and I LOVED it! Can't wait for next months!

  • Esther

    Oct 22

    I was also disappointed with the wreath project. However, others came up with some very clever ideas obviously thinking outside box. I usually wait a week or two before I do anything with the kit. I find many ideas on Pinterest. That being said, I'd love to see a kit for children's cards once in awhile.

  • Kathyrn Bish

    Oct 22

    I was disappointed with my April pumpkin, which was the 1st one I received . Thot it would be see rally cards to make. 😕

  • Kim Q.

    Oct 22

    NICE Great ideas

  • Mary Gerding

    Oct 22

    Loved the kit and now I know what to do with the extras!!! Thanks!!!

  • PG

    Oct 22

    This is the ugliest kit ever and I am sorry I am getting it. I will be cancelling.

  • Lee Anglea

    Oct 22

    Great ideas! Thanks.

  • JBT

    Oct 22

    I was very disappointed with the kit. My upline keeps encouraging me to get paper pumpkin - she tells me they've improved. I ordered the kit because of all the hype - but the kit really didn't impress me or make me want to keep ordering. I also received a free Paper Pumpkin when I signed up and I didn't like that one eithe, I would have been upset. I really feel paper Pumpkin needs to be something special if you want people to buy it sight unseen every month - otherwise it's a better use of a tight budget to purchase something you know you'll use and lovr