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Accordion Heart Embellishment

Check out this fun tutorial from one of our amazing German demonstrators, Steffi Helmschrott!

My challenge was to create something simple with a “wow” effect. Without wanting to praise myself, I think I’ve done well with this little heart-shaped rosette embellishment (made with a strip of paper) that you can attach to a card, box, or whatever you want!


I think it’s always safe to go with hearts—and this embellishment will be a highlight for any little gift you might make. Here’s what you need!


Please see the explanations below for each step. 


1. Fold the paper strip every 1/2".

2. Fold the whole piece in half (use the center fold as a guide).

3. Use a piece of cardboard (you can use a scrap piece; it just needs to be stable). It should have the length of the folded paper (6") and a width of roughly 2". Draw a freehand curve roughly the form of mine on the picture and cut it out. I also marked the side that I always align to the fold so I get it right. This will help you keep multiple hearts aligned. (This is of course an optional step if you’re not going to make more than one or if you like having them shaped differently.) If you are unsure about drawing the curve/wave freehand, you can download this template I made for you.

4. Now align it to the folded paper strip. IMPORTANT: the fold should be to the right; if you marked your gauge like I did, then also align this side to the fold. Now trace your curved shape with the pencil.

5. Cut it out.

6. After unfolding it should look a bit like a mustache :-)

7. Now fold it like an accordion using the folds you made in the beginning.

8. When reaching the end, put a piece of the double-sided adhesive alongside the last fold. IMPORTANT: the top faces of both ends should stick together.

9. Punch time! Use the 1-1/2" Circle Punch to get a nice circle.

10. Put some glue on it.

11. This step is a bit tricky. You could probably try it once before gluing it all together. You have to push the center of the glued accordion fold down and pull the sides out. Watch to make sure you have it nicely aligned. The glued part of the strip marks the bottom tip of the heart.

12. You’re done! If everything works well, your heart should look at least a little bit like mine. Congrats!

And now, use your freshly-made heart (and some ideas from your own heart!) and create some lovely cards, boxes, or decorations. Here are some samples showing how I used this idea in the past. I hope you like it!



Have fun doing this tutorial!

Steffi Helmschrott
Artisan Design Team 2015–2016


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    Oct 20


  • Virgie A NEAL

    Oct 20

    I would like to see what you have on sale

  • Michele Zygmunt

    Oct 20

    Thanks so much for the pictures and written steps. Love this embellishment idea!

  • Sue Plote

    Oct 20

    Amazing, Steffi!