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Trading Screen Time for Creativity

When I was a kid, summers were a glorious time of year. School was out, the days were long, and the weather was perfect for just about any mischief we could get into. If all of our chores were done and we had permission, we were outside rounding up the other kids in the neighborhood for tag, capture the flag, or a special mission to capture grasshoppers. Staying in the house was rarely something we chose. If we were inside it was likely a punishment—the very worst punishment we could have during summer.

For kids today, summer is all about which screen they can play with. TV, tablets, cell phones, laptops— anything with a screen—is now the reward for completed chores. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, today’s children are spending an average of seven hours per day looking at a screen.

So with summer now in full swing, how do you help limit your child’s screen time and encourage activities that will help with their development? Any true friend of Stampin’ Up! knows the answer: crafting, of course!

One craft project to really consider is Project Life by Stampin’ Up! Let your child create their own scrapbook for the previous school year, sports teams, dance competitions—or whatever it may be.  Studies show that when a child engages in creative activities, they are developing skills that will help them with math, comprehension, and overall problem-solving skills. They have to look at each page and figure out which cards or photos will fit in the various pockets, developing both spatial recognition and math skills. When they journal about a particular event, they work on grammar and spelling. How fun will it be when they can go back in 10 years and see how their handwriting has changed over the years?

Bonus: Teaching your child how to use Project Life crosses a task off of your to-do list! If your child completes their own scrapbook—you don’t have to!—and you can now work on other projects. Talk about being productive!



I dropped by Good Things Utah with my niece to show just how easy it is for a child to complete this project. Check it out here!

What activities do you do with the children in your life during the summer? We’d love to know!

Rachel Jensen
Public Relations Specialist


  • Kim Fifita

    Oct 17

    Great job, Rachel! Your niece is adorable. I need to get going with Project Life!

  • Kristal

    Oct 17

    This is brilliant idea!