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Bundling Holiday Cheer!

When you work at Stampin’ Up! your friends and family expect show-stopping packaging for all of the holiday treats and gifts that you give during the holiday season. But sometimes I like to take the easy way out and do something with all the cuteness but without all the work! Impossible, you say? Well I am going to prove to you that it is possible.

Introducing one of Stampin’ Up!’s perfect holiday packaging bundles: Trimmings & Tags Bundle, $13.50 us/$17.50 can (a $16.85 us/$21.95 can value).


- Gusseted Cellophane Bags (25 bags; 5" x 3" x 11-1/2")
- Snow Festival Designer Printed Tags (25 double-sided tags; 4-1/2" x 3-1/8")
- Cherry Cobbler 1/4" Sweater Trim (10 yards)

In need of some gift ideas to use with this adorable packaging?

Make homemade caramel corn and package it like shown below. This gift idea uses only the items found in the bundle.

Or take a few extra steps using items that come in the bundle and items most people already have in their home.

Simply shred paper to fill the bottom of the cellophane bag using a paper shredder you have in your home. Fill the bag with the gift of your choice; I picked the Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps (US/CAN) from Stampin’ Up! and sealed the bag with staples and a tag from the Snow Festival Designer Printed Tags. Then I made an adorable and SIMPLE pompom out of the Cherry Cobbler Sweater Trim to top off the package.

At 20% savings, this holiday packaging bundle is an affordable and adorable solution. Available until January 2, 2013!

Elizabeth G
PR & Marketing Specialist


  • Cate

    Sep 25

    What a great idea!

  • Katrina

    Sep 25

    I will try it out for sure!

  • Amber

    Sep 25

    I am not crafty, but sure like this!