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Chicks in the City

My name is Laura T. and I work in the Special Events department at Stampin’ Up! I’ve been here for almost three years now and I love it! All of my co-workers have fun and diverse hobbies and interests, and some of them even share my love of chickens. I am definitely not the only proud chicken owner here at Stampin’ Up!, but somehow I was persuaded into writing a blog post about our new spring chicks. 

It all started when my sweetie, Matt, and I moved to our Sugarhouse neighborhood the summer of 2009. The previous owners of our new home were moving to California and weren’t able to take their five full-grown laying hens with them. They were thrilled when we offered to keep their “girls” in the fantastic chicken coop the couple had built for them.

It’s been a few years now and we’ve been through a couple of hen clutches since then (they stop laying after 2–3 years); in fact, we just started fresh with 10 adorable chicks! Going on five weeks old, our newest additions to the family are thriving! We have so much fun researching the many different chicken breeds that do well in our harsh winters and hot, hot summers. This year we have an assortment of seven different breeds. Some of them are breeds we’ve never had before and others are tried-and-true favorites.

Here’s what we’ve got:

(2) Silver-Laced Wyandotte – these gorgeous hens are known for their stunning white and black feathers that when layered, look just like lace. They grow to be 7–8 lbs., lay an average of four eggs a week, and are very cold-hardy. They are also very friendly birds.

(2) Ameraucana – these chickens are always so funny. They have such a great sense of humor! They are most famous for laying bright blue and green “Easter eggs.” They grow to be 6–7 lbs., lay an average of three days a week, and are very cold-hardy.

(1) Barred Rock – We usually only get one of these hens because they are so curious and tend to be the leader of the flock. We tried having two at the same time and they constantly squabbled over who was the leader—which is why we eventually had to relocate one to another flock. These chickens are so pretty—their feathers are speckled black and white and give the chicken a full, plump shape. They lay an average of four times a week and are very cold-hardy (noticing a trend here?).

(1) Buff Orpington – Orpington’s are known as the “Marmaduke” breed among chickens. They are extremely friendly and docile. They lay an average of three times a week and grow to be 7–9 lbs.

(2) Light Brahma – This is a breed of chicken we haven’t tried before—so we don’t know much about them yet. We know that they grow to be 8–9 lbs., lay an average of three times a week, and are very cold-hardy.

(1) Frizzle Bantam – This is by far our favorite chick of the batch. Not only is she adorable with her frizzy, curly feathers, but she has quite the personality! She will only grow to be 2–4 lbs., so her natural feistiness will certainly come in handy one day. They are known to be a gentle breed, but this one has yet to manifest that.

(1) Belgian Bearded d'Uccle (pronounced dew-clay) – this chicken will also only grow to be 2–4 lbs. She has the cutest feathers on her feet and has stunning yellow-gray coloring.  She is supposed to be a gentle bird, but is also pretty feisty for how small she is. She will lay an average of two eggs a week and is very cold-hardy. 

So! Now you know all about our 10 very unique and interesting hens-in-the-making. I hope you enjoy the photos from our haute couture chicken photo shoot from mid-April (isn’t Matt cute with them??). The girls were so excited to see the camera come out, and literally “flocked” to Matt and fought over who got to be front and center.

Laura T.
Special Events


  • Amy Mitchell

    Sep 25

    I have fuzzy chickens. They have to live at my dads house, b/c I live in the city.

  • Sandi Hartka

    Sep 25

    Laura, loved the article and pics. Great to meet you on the Figi trip--didn't get to say good by--hope your trip home was uneventful. Josie and I arrived (bedraggled and tired) home and loved the time we spent w SU at the event.

  • Jessica

    Sep 25

    My dad raises chicken back in my country since I was a little girl. Just today I was telling my DH I missed seeing the chickens....interesting you are sharing about yours here. How sweet...thank you!