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The One Thing - Stampin' Up!

Utah Business Magazine and IPG Industrial Real Estate sponsored a web series entitled, The One Thing. They asked Utah business CEOs about the one thing that has made their companies successful. You may have heard of a few of them—Miche, 1-800-CONTACTS, Vivint, oh, and Stampin’ Up! That’s right, find out what Shelli had to say about what sets us apart.

And by the way, it's Shelli with an "i" :)


  • Patty Bennett

    Sep 25

    Fabulous video Shelli... yes.. WE ARE passionate about relationships.. I am blessed with all my Stampin' Up! friends across the US and around the world, and of course at the home office!

  • Gwen Mangelson

    Sep 25

    I totally agree with Shelli. I have been with Stampin Up for 10 years and I have made some of the most important relationships and friends of my life thanks to this company!

  • AnnMarie Lonas

    Sep 25

    If more companies focused on the people and relationships, peoples lives would be enriched and companies would be more successful. Little things, like a thank you or 'great job' go a long way instead of the pushing to get more done and 'rule with fear' management style. When people feel appreciated, they tend to want to do more. Many more companies should look at the way Stampin'-Up! works and try it, it will make a difference! Thank you to Shelli and all of SU! for making a difference in my life and making me feel appreciated and important!