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Christmas Tagables

Hey all, Sarah Webb here! I have been a product designer at Stampin’ Up! for a little over six months, now.  When I started working here back in March, my first assignments were for the annual catalog 2014.

Although it was really exciting to jump right in and start working on such great projects, it was hard to try and explain to my friends and family what I was actually doing at my new job because I can’t give specifics about my assignments until the catalog releases. Bummer, huh?

That is why I am really excited to share this post today! For the first time in six months, I get to show people something that I have designed at work! Yippee! With that said, I give you the Pop and Place Holiday Punch Book and Christmas Tagables Photopolymer Stamp Set!

As a designer, you don’t usually get a chance to see a project from the very beginning all the way to the end. Ordinarily, ideas are developed and the kinks are worked out before it is passed off to us to make it look good. Which is why it was really cool to be part of this team and help with the decisions to make something awesome. Each time the team met, new ideas were brought to the table to make the book better and better.

We added pockets to the front and back cover, so that if you pull a piece out and decide not to use it, you will have somewhere to store it.

We added perforation lines between some of the shapes and extended the design to the whole page so that if you are feeling creative, you can use the negative space as well as the tags themselves.

Finally, we decided that a book full of tags needed a stamp set to go with it, so I was able to work on a stamp set designed specifically to coordinate with the punch book.

Yesterday, I spent some time stampin’ away to make some fun gifts and tags. It got me really excited for Christmas and even more excited to make all of my presents cute this year! 82 more days!

Sarah W.
Product Designer


  • Carol D.

    Sep 25

    Got my bundle. Had already pulled out matching cardstock for card bases plus layering and all ready to call significant other's 13-year-old granddaughters that have expressed desire to learn stamping. (Had thought this would be perfect project for them -- simple stamping, easy assembly, and quick gratification. Only to open it and find out there wasn't an idea sheet in the bundle! At least from this blog, I was able to see a couple ideas. But obviously not yet ready for the girls to come over. I will have to play around, come up with some ideas, plus probably need to purchase a second pack of the Pop & Place Tags at next stamp club and have them over in November.

  • Rhonda Morgan

    Sep 25

    Great Job!!! Welcome to SU! and can't wait to see what you work on next! :)

  • Marisa G

    Sep 25

    Love this product! So cute and useful too. Can't wait to get mine...