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Top 5 Seoul

If you’re reading this blog you’re probably addicted to crafting. I understand healthy addiction all too well. My name is Amanda and I’m addicted to traveling. In fact, that’s one of the top reasons I’ve worked at Stampin’ Up! for the past eight years. Not only does Stampin’ Up! create the best products in the industry and give their demonstrators fantastic opportunities, they treat their employees well, too. My favorite benefit? The generous paid time-off plan. After all, happy employees = better products and service for you.

So earlier this year I went to Seoul, South Korea to visit my brother and sister-in-law who are teaching English there for a year. I was only there a few days but that didn’t stop me from falling in love with this ultra-clean, super high tech, culture-saturated city. Here are my top five Seoul musts.

Eat Korean BBQ
Even being someone who doesn’t eat red meat or pork (which seem to be Korean staples) I loved the whole Korean BBQ experience. There’s a stove in the middle of your table and you cook your meat just the way you want it. So cool. (I ate the fried eggs that cooked along the edges of the pan.) On top of that, they bring out a bunch of sides and sauces—from kimchi and veggies to tasty red pepper paste.

Savor Tea in a Teahouse
I’ve always liked my herbal teas now and then but, wow—visiting a Korean teahouse cracked open my little sheltered tea mind. A friend directed us to his favorites and we tried three different types. All had distinct, succulent flavors that just oozed over every taste bud.

Relish in the Random
Pass by an ice skating rink in the airport? Run into a full-on decapitated pig head in the market? See Gangnam billboards at every turn? Totally typical, right? Wrong. There are so many things out of the realm of your “normal” to see and experience. Soak it up.

Enjoy the Freakishly Tidy Subways
The Koreans nicely line up in neat little rows before entering the perfectly clean and tech-decked-out subway cars. Amazing. It was probably my biggest shock of the trip. (We weren’t so disciplined, as you can see from the picture.)

Chat with a Monk
My top moment was visiting with a lovely Buddhist monk. We met up with her after visiting a beautiful temple in the city and she mindfully served us tea as we talked about life. We asked her what the meaning of life was, and she said, “To live every moment with your full heart.”

I hope you have the chance to visit Seoul one day and try out my top five. Kamsahamnida
! (Which means “thank you” (and it took me, like, the whole week of the trip to get down)!


  • Dagi

    Sep 25

    I really miss that place; was in Korea 5 times and fell in love with it. If you ever go again, you need to visit Lotte World and Cheju Island.

  • Cindy B.

    Sep 25

    Can't wait for your next Top 5, Amanda! :-)