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June Paper Pumpkin: One in a Melon


The long days of summer are here, and for some of us that can only mean one thing: more hours to spend crafting! Paper Pumpkin can go anywhere you do, so whether you’re on your way to the beach (or heading to your lounge chair in the backyard!) be sure to bring this kit with you. You’ll feel refreshed just looking at the designed paper with its watermelons, pineapples, lemons, and limes; then there’s the fun of putting together our yummy, summer-themed projects! Check out the how-to’s below.

Each One in a Melon kit comes with 6 printed card bases, 4 printed bags, 6 white envelopes, 2 sheets watercolor die-cut pieces, 2 sheets white die-cut pieces, 1 sheet laser-cut leaf stickers, 4 sheets printed cotton paper, 4 yds. pink baker’s twine, 4 green mini clothespins, 100 dimensionals, and 100 adhesive dots.


We’re pretty sure this kit will be the pine-apple of your eye (wink, wink) once you start playing with all of the elements inside! And the creative possibilities are endless. Check out the projects above for some sweet alternate ideas—like our stamped fruit slices tied to Crumb Cake envelopes and secured with White Baker’s Twine. Wouldn’t they make great gift card enclosures?

You could also fussy cut a few pineapple images from the designed paper and pop them up with dimensionals on one of the kit’s die-cut banners. For a perfect finishing touch, embellish with a pink baker’s twine bow.

Or make the Hooray card using Pool Party Cardstock and some of the fun die- and laser-cut pieces included with this month’s kit. With the sunny yellow banner as a focal point, it’s the perfect summer birthday card.

And don’t forget to check our Pinterest page for more fun ideas!


If you’re a Paper Pumpkin subscriber, stock up on refills now so you’ll have everything you need for all your summer celebrations—from barbecues to birthdays to beach parties. With Paper Pumpkin, you’re always ready to skip to the fun!


Paper Pumpkin subscribers will notice something different about their kit this month—our fresh, new box design! It features the updated Paper Pumpkin logo and the name and month of the kit on a side panel—making for easier storage and organization. Look for this new box design going forward, as well as some fun variations for special occasions!


Last but not least, our Many Happy Birthdays Past Kit is now available for purchase. This kit will help you effortlessly plan the perfect birthday for a loved one. Whether you’re sending wishes their way in a card, creating party invitations, or giving a gift card, the candle cards will help you pull it off with flare. Fun tip: These cards could easily be transformed into firecracker invitations for your summer celebrations! Enjoy!


  • Allison

    Oct 17

    I love the melon kit! A suggestion for those who find certain kits juvenile, or not elegant: Volunteer somewhere and help children create cards or bags for family members or teachers. The sixth-grader I tutor loves doing these kits, and reading instructions and writing messages inside the cards are good practice for her.

  • Sharon Bennett

    Oct 17

    Can you still get the One In A Melon kit? If so, how much?

  • Patti Thomas

    Oct 17

    When I look at your samples mine were def the wrong way.

  • Mary Ann

    Oct 17

    I would prefer elegant cards. Not interested in all the "cute" stuff SU is doing with paper pumpkin. Since I have no use for most kits, will probably drop subscription next year.

  • Linda Selby

    Oct 17

    Since everyone's taste is different, I can't imagine satisfying everyone all the time. I think you do a great job coming up with different kits. If one month is not my cup of tea , well I give it to a friend who I know would like it as a thank you for their kindness or someone who is shut in and would enjoy making fun or beautiful objects. So all in all, they all can be used or shared in one way or another. Thanks for all your imaginations for the kits !

  • PJ Thompson

    Oct 17

    I still have not gotten my pack... This should have been my FIRST set... I've been eagerly waiting !!! VERY disappointed to see that others have gotten them... and MINE is not here... ;- {... sooo sad....

  • Tonawanda Yost

    Oct 17

    I enjoyed the treat bag portion of the kit. But the quality of the papers is not there. I could buy better paper at Michaels. And all the pineapples were facing down on mine as well. The kit would have been so much better if it had been just the treat bags. And more than 4. Who gives 4 treat bags? And to go buy kit refills is not going to happen because who wants those ugly cards?


    Oct 17

    What I like (love) about the One in a Melon kit is very fresh & colorful, and the size of the images - large & bold! Love this one, I hope others take inspiration from it! Thanks

  • Karen Dix

    Oct 17

    My first kit. To say I was disappointed is the understatement of the year. I believed StampinUp up was better than that. I have never made six of anything let alone cards. Cheap material. Poor instructions. I am comparing to Annie's Attic card kits, which I will probably go back to if your July shipment is the same makeup as June.

  • Jan Kennedy

    Oct 17

    The June P.P. kit is cute and fun! I'll definitely use it!

  • Toni Romero

    Oct 17

    Pinterest link for June 2017 link is not working, it brings up May with the donuts. FYI

  • Darcy C

    Oct 17

    Would love to get some paper pumkin kits that are more elegantly designed. The majority seem like they are out of date and cheep feeling on the color combinations. Sarah's kit was so inspiring. After the stupid candle kit, you just about lost me. It seems like your heading back to cheep and ugly ideas. I have been with PP since 2014 but I am not going to keep paying for something that I like only 3 out of 12 each year. Please address the issue.

  • Gayla Voss

    Oct 17

    I prefer the Paper Pumpkins be card kits and not note cards. Really don't have much use for Note Cards. I have to cut in half and place on top of a regular size card. You seem to really be pushing note cards lately.

  • Diana Romagnano

    Oct 17

    So very happy you put the instructions on emails. I had a difficult time seeing your paper instructions and would get frustrated . Anyhow I love having these instructions, and it looks so much easier. Thank you!

  • Carol Henderson

    Oct 17

    Love the paper and the concept of the melons, but there are too many of use older people who need cards, etc. We do not have family, children, etc to give gift bags to. PP is trending too much in this direction. That is why several of my customers have dropped PP in the past year.

  • Janet Meredith

    Oct 17

    Let's do a kit about something other than food. Thanks

  • Patrice

    Oct 17

    Hi, I was disappointed that the video was not available until today. If the kits get shipped on the 10th, I would expect the video to be ready by then as well.

  • Wanda Anzai

    Oct 17

    I love the wonderful projects in each kit and that everything I need isnptovided. Keep up the good work, Stamping Up!

  • Jeanne Walsh

    Oct 17

    Love the new design of the box and the fact that you have indicated what the kit name is on the side panel.

  • Patti Thomas

    Oct 17

    I loved my kit this mth but my paper was totally upside down . A few were not but for the most part they all were ! All the pineapples were facing down