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Three Easy Payments Option Benefits Table

The following table maps out the benefits of taking advantage of the Three Easy Payments option for the Starter Kit. With your initial Starter Kit payment, you can start earning enough to cover both your initial investment and take care of your remaining payments.

Benefits of the Three Easy Payments Option for the Starter Kit Price of $199 (April 1-30, 2009)

Step One Step Two Step Three Step Four
Commit to becoming a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator. Sign up for the Three Easy Payments Option, and make the first payment of $66.34 (plus sales tax). Host your first workshop within one month of your start date. Have a goal to reach $400 in sales. Use booking statements during your first workshop to schedule two additional workshops for the next month. Reach $400 in sales at both of your second month workshops.
Benefits Benefits Benefits Benefits
By signing up to be demonstrator now, you: 
  • Take advantage of the limited-time Three Easy Payments Option.
  • Receive $335 of Stampin' Up! merchandise for only $199. 

By placing a $400 workshop order within the first month of becoming a Stampin' Up! demonstrator, you:

  • Receive an extra 10% instant income in addition to your normal 20%. On a $400 workshop, that is $120!
  • Qualify for a 5% volume rebate, bringing your total earnings up to $140.
  • Recover the money you spent on your original investment.
  • Earn the $66.33 for your second Starter Kit payment.

 By acting as hostess for your first workshop, you also receive hostess benefits to help build your business, including:

  • Two free hostess stamp sets
  • $45 in Stampin' Up! merchandise

By booking two new workshops:

  • You have one workshop to match the income from last month.
  • You have a second workshop planned to grow your business and your customer base.
  • You earned $140, two hostess sets, and $45 in Stampin' Up! merchandise by hosting just one workshop. Holding two workshops in your second month will add significantly to your income.

With $800 in sales your second month, you will:

  • Receive $160 in instant income.
  • Increase your volume rebate to 7%, earning you an additional $56.
  • Make enough money for your final Starter Kit payment of $66.33, and still have plenty to spare for a bill or to pamper yourself! 

In just two months, you have:

  • Completely earned back your original investment and paid for the remaining Starter Kit cost.
  • Earned over $150 in cash plus free stamp sets and merchandise!

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