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My Digital Studio Q&A

Q: What is My Digital Studio?
A: My Digital Studiosoftware enables you to digitally create a variety of products including (but not limited to) photo albums, cards, calendars, individual scrapbook pages, and multimedia projects that use exclusive Stampin' Up! art, accessories, and colors. When printed with Stampin' Up!'s professional print services, your projects can be combined with traditional Stampin' Up! products to create unique, multidimensional "hybrid" projects.

My Digital Studio is available in English only and is sold in the United States and Canada (excluding Quebec).

There are three different components to My Digital Studio:

  • Software: The My Digital Studio software will install directly on to your computer. The software contains nearly 2,000 unique elements including stamp brush sets, embellishments, templates, kits, punches, Designer Series papers, card stock, borders and more--all in exclusive Stampin' Up! designs and colors.
  • Professional Print Services: When you are done creating your projects, you have the option to have your projects professionally printed and delivered right to your door. Our professional print services are the best way to insure correct color matching with Stampin' Up!'s exclusive colors.
  • Digital Downloads:  You'll have access to an ever-increasing library of downloadable digital images that are perfect for seasonal projects, important events, or just everyday creativity.

My Digital Studio Software

Q: Is this software web-based or will I receive an installation disk?
A: You will receive installation disks that you will install on your computer. You will only need an Internet connection to register the product when you install it, to purchase professional print products, or to purchase digital downloads.

Q: What are the computer system requirements for My Digital Studio?
A: Click to see My Digital Studio system requirements.

Q: Can I share my software with my family and friends?

A: During the installation process, each customer will be asked to accept an End User License Agreement. This agreement allows each copy of the software to be installed on two computers in the household.

Q: How much does My Digital Studio cost?
A:  My Digital Studio costs $79.95.

Q: What is the difference between selecting to create a Photo Album, Card, Calendar, and Multiple Output Options?
A: The Photo Album, Card, or Calendar options allow you to select your project size and type up front. The  Multiple Output Options allows you to select the size of the project after you are finished. You can also select to create a multimedia project.

Q: The software agreement allows for installation on two computers in my home. Can I also install the application on a second computer where I work or in another location outside of my home?
A: The software license agreement allows you to install one copy of the software on two computers in your primary residence. If you want to also install the software on a computer in another location you can purchase another copy to do so.

My Digital Downloads

Q: Are some of the downloadable images already included in the My Digital Studio software?
A: Yes. Some of the digital downloads are included with the My Digital Studio software. All digital downloads that ARE included in the software have the following message below their description in the online ordering site: *These and many other images are available as part of the standard install of the My Digital Studio software. If you already have the software, you already have these images.

Q: Can I purchase digital downloads without purchasing My Digital Studio?
A: Yes. Our digital downloads are compatible with other software programs. You cannot, however take advantage of Stampin' Up!'s professional print services without purchasing My Digital Studio.

Q: What other software programs are compatible with My Digital Studio downloads?
A:  Any program that supports .jpg and .png files & layers such as: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Jasc Paint Shop Pro (PSP), Microsoft Digital Image Pro (DIP), Ulead Photo Impact (PI), Corel Draw. My Digital Studio designer templates are exclusive to My Digital Studio and are not compatible with other programs.

Q: What are the download prices?

A: Pricing of digital downloads vary based on size and type of kits to be downloaded.

Q: Will there be any Digital Download Hostess Sets/Kits?
A: There is not a Hostess Digital Download at this time.

My Digital Studio Projects

Q: What are the prices of print products?
A: Pricing of print products vary based on size, number of pages, and cover option. Pricing information is posted on the web site in the products and pricing section.

Q: Are there minimum and maximum page limits on print products?
A: Minimum and maximum pages for each print output type are as follows:

  • Photo albums must have a minimum of 22 pages, and can have up to 100 pages.
  • Calendars have a minimum and maximum of 25 project pages. You can create a front cover page and two pages for each month.
  • Cards have a minimum of one project page and a maximum of three project pages. You have the option to create the front and both inside pages.
  • Individual pages have a five-page-per-project minimum.

Q: Do I have to use the professional print service or can I print at home?
A: My Digital Studio has several output options including your own printer. Using Stampin' Up!'s professional print services is the best way, however, to make sure Stampin' Up!'s exclusive colors print correctly. 

Q: What can we expect for shipping times for print products?
A:  Professionally printed products will be printed and shipped directly from our print vendor. There will be a processing time of two to five days to have your project actually printed, and then our standard shipping times will apply. Expedited handling (the time it takes to print/process your project), is not available.

Q: Will the copyright appear on the back of my home-printed cards?
A: The Stampin' Up!/My Digital Studio copyright will appear on the back of all cards printed through the professional print services. It will not appear on the back of cards you print from home.

Q: Will my pages print back-to-back from my home printer?
A: Different printers have varying functionality. You will need to check your printer manual to determine if this functionality is available.

Q: What home printer do you recommend I buy?
A: Stampin' Up! cannot recommend a specific printer for you, but the system requirements information and knowing what types of projects you want to create will help you decide which printer will work best for you.

Q: What margins should I use when sending my photo album in to the professional print services?
A: When creating personalized (photo cover) hardcover albums, you will need to plan for a 5/8" margin/bleed area on all sides of the front and back covers (your first and last project pages) to ensure that your designs aren't cut off at the edges when your book is printed. For all internal pages, plan for a bleed area of 1/4" on the top and bottom of the pages and 1/2" on each side. My Digital Studio has specific bleed area guides that are appropriate for the type of project you are creating. Be sure to choose the guide that is designed for your project; photo album page (includes individual pages), photo album cover, card, calendar, or DVD-video.

Q: How should I plan for the printed bar code on the back cover of a photo cover, hard cover album?
A: All personalized hardcover albums will have a barcode printed directly on the back of the book. While the actual barcode is only 1.75" x .25", there is a 2.875" x 1.125" window where the barcode could be placed. The edge of the window is .875" from the spine and .375" from the bottom of the book.

If there is a designed image/background anywhere in this area, it could be covered by a permanent barcode with a white background box that is 1.75" x .25".

The purpose of this barcode is to ensure that the content pages created for the inside of the book match up with the correct personalized cover, eliminating possibility for error. While the barcode is necessary, we are working with the vendor on other options and hope to eliminate the visual barcode in the future.

Other Information

Q: In what countries is My Digital Studio available?
A:  My Digital Studio is sold in the US and Canada only. My Digital Studio cannot be sold or supported in Quebec.

Q:  Can I use hostess free dollars for My Digital Studio?
A: Hostess free dollars can be used to purchase the My Digital Studio software at a workshop or Stampin' Rewards may be used to purchase digital downloads on a qualifying order in the online store. If you do not have enough hostess free dollars to cover the entire cost of the software/downloads, the hostess will pay for the overage. Hostess free dollars cannot be used to pay for professional print services. Your print product will be the first item in your shopping cart and will help you earn hostess free dollars to be used for other traditional product.

Q: Can I create projects with My Digital Studio and sell completed projects?
A: The Stampin' Up! Angel Policy includes digital products and restricts the sale of digital products for commercial use. The policy states that you can sell up to 150 completed products annually. The Angel Policy includes both demonstrators and customers. Commercial selling will require specific arrangements and permission from Stampin' Up! The sale of digital files is strictly forbidden.

Q: What is a hybrid project?
A: Hybrid projects combine traditional Stampin' Up! products layered on top of digital creations. 

Q: Will all of Stampin' Up!'s images, embellishments, and paper be available digitally?
A: My Digital Studio comes with a rich digital collection of exclusive Stampin' Up! art, papers, colors, and accessories. While not all of Stampin' Up!'s catalog products are included, there may be future products that are only available as digital downloads.

Q: Will the "place text here" or "place image here" text found on My Digital Studio templates actually print on my project?
A: Yes, unless you delete it or replace it with new text. My Digital Studio does not distinguish between text in a premade designer template and text that you have added to your project. Therefore, you should always remove any text on a template page that you do not want to print before you actually print your project or send it to the professional printer.

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