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Professional Printing

With the My Digital Studio software, you have the option to have your work professionally printed and delivered straight to your door! Professionally printed projects are ideal for layering with traditional Stampin' Up! products to make unique, multidimensional hybrid projects.

Professional Print Helps

Printing your projects with the My Digital Studio professional print option allows creation of bound books, calendars, greeting cards, or individual pages. Each of these project types has specific parameters that are outlined within the program. Following are some helpful tips as you prepare to upload or “share” your project through the professional print option.

  • The ordering process for a professional print project begins in My Digital Studio. The Stampin’ Up! Online Ordering system will not allow you to add a My Digital Studio print project to an existing order. From the Design Center within My Digital Studio select: Share/the professional print project type you want/follow the wizard prompts to complete your order.
  • Minimum & maximum page counts are listed on the pricing and specs chart. You can find this chart at: Our Products/Product Lines/My Digital Studio/Products & Pricing
  • Additional Page Price column on the Products and Pricing chart refers to each additional paper that is added to a book above the minimum number of pages. Each book paper is printed on both front and back so two of your project pages from MDS will be printed on one paper.  
  • Selecting the Individual Page print option allows you to create scrapbook pages that you can slip into traditional sheet protectors just like your handcrafted scrapbook pages. Unlike pages in a bound book, individual pages are printed on only one side of the paper.
  • There is a minimum of five (5) pages per project when printing individual pages. A project is a single upload to the print vendor. If you upload your project with only four pages, you will be charged the minimum of five pages. If you upload a project with three (3) pages and another project with two (2) pages – on the same order – you will be charged for two projects with a minimum of five pages each, equaling ten (10) pages. If these projects are the same size, it would be best to combine the pages into one project before uploading to print. If the projects are different sizes, you will need to upload them separately and they will be counted as two projects.

There are different “bleed” area recommendations for different types of projects. The bleed area is the space toward the edge of a project page that may be trimmed away or set into the binding of a print project. My Digital Studio has an option to view bleed guides to remind you of this space while you are designing your pages. It is important that you download all available My Digital Studio updates to have the correct bleed guides appear in your program. Please note the difference between the bleed guide for a cover page and the bleed guide for an internal page of a bound book. The bleed guide for calendars is different from a bound book because of the placement and type of binding used for a calendar.

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