Product Discount

Our products play a crucial role in our business, so it’s only natural that we want our employees to be as familiar as possible with them. To help encourage Stampin’ Up! product knowledge and enhance business understanding, we offer employees several opportunities to purchase products at discount. Go back to Employee Benefits

30% Discount

You may purchase products from Stampin’ Up! catalogs at a 30% discount by calling demonstrator support (Ext. 11202) from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. You will be responsible to pay sales tax on the net purchase amount (after the 30% discount); however, you will not have to pay shipping charges. Payment may be made by credit card or personal check.

Orders will be filled at the Distribution Center and delivered to your worksite within seven business days from the date the order is received.

Other Discounted Products

From time to time, there may be further discounted products available for purchase at Stampin’ Up! employee stores, inventory sales, or other means. Any discounted products purchased through these channels are for employees—or their immediate family—to use only; these products may not be gifted, donated, or sold. (Note: Immediate family is defined as family members living in your home who are eligible to be included on your Stampin’ Up! benefits plan.)


Stampin’ Up! store products, products purchased at a discount, and/or products given to an employee by the company may not be sold or resold via the internet, retail, or any other channels (including trading goods or services). The sale of these products would compromise the integrity of our business objectives and may have a negative impact on our ability to sell products through our demonstrators.

You may gift products when using the regular 30% discount only, and you must not receive any compensation (including non-monetary) in exchange for a gift. You may gift items that you have made with products purchased at a discount, Stampin’ Up! store products, or products given to you by the company.

If you are an employee who is also a demonstrator, you may not use discounted product purchases to support your Stampin’ Up! demonstratorship.