We care about you and want you to live your best life. This section outlines the medical premium discounts that are available to you through SelectHealth’s Healthy Living® program as well as the participation requirements for enjoying these employee wellness benefits. Go back to Employee Benefits

SelectHealth Healthy Living Program

Within the first 90 days of the plan year or employment, you must complete these required tasks:

  • Create an online My Health account. This is the starting place for all other requirements. To create an account, go to www.selecthealth.org and select SIGN UP FOR MY HEALTH in the top‑right corner.
  • Choose a primary care provider. Once you’ve made your choice, either go online and inform SelectHealth via My Health, or call member services at 800-538-5038.
  • Attend a health screening event. Go to a health screening event at Stampin’ Up!, or set up an appointment with your primary care provider. This screening will help establish your health baseline and aid you and your doctor in figuring out the best plan for you.
  • Complete the annual online health assessment. You can access it through your My Health account.
  • Establish and contribute to a Health Savings Account (HSA). If you are enrolled in the high-deductible health plan, you must contribute at least 25% of your annual deductible into your HSA.

Within the first nine months of the plan year or employment, you must complete these required tasks:

  • Complete at least one online digital health coaching program. Go to My Health, and then find ‘Digital Coaching’ in the Healthy Living section of your dashboard.
  • Participate in two or more online activity campaigns.* First, you will need to create a Virgin Pulse account within My Health. Then you will be able to track your participation in the online activity campaigns. You can select from three challenge types to complete your activity requirements.
    • Company Challenge: participate with a team to make it to a virtual destination.
    • Individual Steps Challenge: get at least 7,000 steps per day for at least 20 days in a calendar month and track them weekly in your Virgin Pulse account. For non‑stepping activities, the “add a workout” tool can be used to convert activities to steps.
    • Healthy Habit Challenges:these are one‑week challenges that can help you develop healthy habits. Participate by tracking daily activities in one of nine wellness areas; complete each challenge by performing the healthy habit at least five of the seven days. Completing four healthy habit challenges equals one activity campaign.

*If you complete two challenges in the same month, only one will count toward your required activity campaigns.

Within the first nine months of the plan year or employment, you will also need to participate in the programs listed below that apply to you:

  • Health screenings: Screenings are based on age and gender.
    • Mammogram (Women, age 42–69): Receive one screening every two years.
    • Pap Test (Women, age 24-64): Receive one screening every three years.
    • Colonoscopy (Men and women, age 51-80): Receive one screening every 10 years (or another colorectal cancer screening once every 1 to 5 years).
  • Prediabetes Education: If your health screening indicates you have prediabetes, you will need to complete prediabetes education and health coaching.
  • Disease Management: If you have asthma, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), or heart failure, you will need to work with a SelectHealth care manager to help you manage your condition. Plus, you’ll be rewarded for participating and improving your health with Healthy Rewards Visa cash cards!

For more detailed information, please review the "How to Participate in Healthy Living" document in the Resources section.

Medical Premium Discount

Medical premiums are based on your participation in the Healthy Living program. Premiums for 2020 will be based on your participation and status in the Healthy Living program in 2019. If you are at the participating level as of December 15, 2019, you will pay the participating premiums in 2020. If you are at non-participating level, you will pay the non-participating premiums in 2020. Premiums for subsequent years will be based on your participation in the Healthy Living program. For example, premiums in 2021 will be based on your participation in the Healthy Living program in 2020. To earn the participating rate in the Healthy Living program, you must complete the required program elements described above.

If you begin the year at the participating premium, but do not complete the 90‑day program requirements, your medical premium will revert to the non‑participating rate at the beginning of the second quarter (April 1).

You may earn the lower participating premiums throughout the year by participating in the Healthy Living program. Medical premiums will adjust on the first paycheck of each quarter for those who complete all of the program requirements listed in the first two sections above as of the 15th of the month prior to the beginning of a new quarter.


Healthy Living is designed to help you live the healthiest life possible. If you have a medical condition that limits your physical ability, you may be able to earn your medical premium discount another way. Contact Human Resources for more information.


Your information—including personal health information—will be provided to and kept confidential by SelectHealth. SelectHealth will only disclose your personal health information to third parties as permitted or required by law. Your health screening data will be loaded into your secure Healthy Living user profile and used to provide you with personal feedback. Your name may be shared with Stampin’ Up! for incentive determination purposes.


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